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21 Dec 2006 07:17 | Quote
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i have just started to learn to play guitar right handed when i am infact left handed. As i was told i am finding it harder and it is taking me longer to learn. i cant do anything with my little finger though and i know this is a common problem. I have to get my right hand and phyiscally move then hold my little finger in the right position. I have been looking for ways to try and increase the strenght and flexiablity of the finger but i havnt found anything that i understand. can anyone help?

21 Dec 2006 08:56 | Quote
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Hello cH3wy
first off playing left hand will not take you any longer than a right handed guitar player. The fact is how much time you spend playing learning new techniques and getting to know your guitar. So this is only a myth that it takes longer to play left handed than right handed I would say ignore it. Jimmi Hendrixs played with a right handed guitar upside down as he was a left handed player and look what he can do.

Your thumb behind the neck of the guitar should have a slight gap for example a pencil can go through the gap. This will help you build up your technique better.

About your little finger. This will take time to build up strength I would suggest try and play some pull offs and hammer ons to build this up. This will help build up strength of your little finger. Once more time will give you the movement your little finger needs to play a chord or a note on the guitar without having to move your hand or hold my little finger in the right position.

If you are young only time will give you the strength to build up your muscles in your fingers. Even older players have trouble as well you are not alone. It takes time. If I can be of further help let me know.

Sorry if my English is bad
21 Dec 2006 08:56 | Quote
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i think it is a common problem when starting, jus try an use it as much as possible and it should get better with use, also try some exercises that include your pinky, like:

up an down the neck, i hope that helps man,
21 Dec 2006 08:57 | Quote
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CostacheCaragi That what I would say also it good to learn this sort of thing as well
21 Dec 2006 09:35 | Quote
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I've run into similar things with my playing, especially right at first. That little finger is a tough nut to crack. The thing that helps me the most in those situations is to use that finger as much as possible when you aren't playing guitar. Type with it more, use it to dial the phone, click your mouse with it, etc.

It might be somewhat inconvenient, but it will use the finger and exercise it in ways it never has been, which will develop strength and dexterity. Good luck to you!
21 Dec 2006 15:06 | Quote
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thanks simon and costache and nice name oneill. hes put on weight now tho :( getting old.

i am going to sellotype a pencil to the back of my guitar and try the exercise costache get some pull offs going

tanks guys :)

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