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Yamaha Pacifica 112

General Chat
20 Dec 2006 11:48 | Quote
Posts: 2
What are your thoughts about this guitar?

Everyone I spoke with told em it was the best "bag for the buck" I would find.

Is it good?

Do you know any other guitars in the same price range (250) better than this?

Thanks in advance
20 Dec 2006 13:47 | Quote
Posts: 15
well what music do you play? if i was you i would look for a used fender or epiphone.
20 Dec 2006 15:02 | Quote
Posts: 2
I want something new and I definitely don't want a guitar with just single-coil PU.

I was thinking if the Jackson JS1 Dinky would be a good choice.

I usually play punk, hardcore, alternative rock ...
25 Dec 2006 21:06 | Quote
United States
Posts: 94
i've heard from people that yamaha dont make good electric guitars.. yes they make top shelf acoustic ones but i dont think they do the same with electric guitars. try ibanez RG and SA series guitars. i believe RG are meant for metal players and SA ones are pretty versatile coz they can play almost any kind of music genre.
28 Dec 2006 09:17 | Quote
Posts: 15
the ibanez s series is great, you should look into them. you might also like to look at the epiphone les paul or flying v, theyre pretty versatile and have humbuckers instead of singles.

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