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Hello all

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18 Dec 2006 07:56 | Quote
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Sorry I am new but been playing guitar for years since I was 6 years old and now I am 33 old man. Just wanted to say hello to you all and if you have any problems I am more than happy to help and I hope you can teach me new things as well. Guitar you never know it all as so much to learn. I use to play for eight hours a day but this had to change as I had to get a life. I play heavy metal, blues and enjoy more music like classical and down to the old 60s music. Don't ask me why I am not into Hendrix music as some enjoy. I not that good at English, and have been on some forum who slated me.

Anyway that a little about me and I will try and post some little tips and help also some beginners tab to get you started.

All the best Sie
18 Dec 2006 09:57 | Quote
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welcome to this forum simon , looks like we can learn much from you!
19 Dec 2006 06:27 | Quote
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Hi Simon,

Welcome to this forum.

I am a beginner who is learning to play guitar. I have found different chords on the internet but i don't know how to read them and what do they mean. Please Help.

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