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Help! My distortion sounds like a wounded animal!

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16 Dec 2006 12:16 | Quote
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Guess what! I got myself a DS 1 modded by Robert Keeley with Seeing Eye and Ultra modes! Also guess what - I can't make it sound any good!
This really blows. I know that the pedal should be used to 'drive' the tubes in my amp, but what exactly does this mean? Does it simply mean I have my amp on a clean channel and then the pedal provides all the distortion? Or that I put my amp on the dirty channel so it is already drivin and then use the pedal to push it further? How much involvement do the volume/tone controls on the guitar have in this? Why is it that this is the pedal that people like Satch and Vai use and they get a really thick beefy sound with it, whereas mine sounds really tinny and crap? Anyone who can give me AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE on this will receive a virtual hug and the inner contentment that can only be gained from helping out a stoopid fool like me. Many thanks. P.S. My setup is an Ibanez JS 1200 (Satriani sig. model) into Keeley DS 1 into Peavey Classic 30 amp (all valve).
20 Dec 2006 13:50 | Quote
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well, i think its better to keep the gain low, ive heard that they're not perfect for tube amps.
24 Dec 2006 03:22 | Quote
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How do you have it set up? Are there any other pedals in the chain? If not, it should be guitar>pedal input >pedal output>amp input. Use it through the clean channel. If you want a fat sound, try turning the mids to 8+, and the bass 7+. Keep the treble at 5 for starters. Also mess around with your guitar tone knobs, and maybe your volume knobs to.
24 Dec 2006 03:26 | Quote
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Your amp plays a big part too. Vintage sounds were somewhat trebly/thin compared to modern sounds. You might need to get a more modern amp.

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