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23 Jul 2009 08:08 | Quote
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It is this, don't use United Airlines. And, if any airline employees break your guitars infront of your eyes, write a song about it and put it on YouTube as revenge and publicity. I just saw it on the news, I thought it was funny because United Airlines shares have fallen by 10% I think they said since this video became popular on YouTube. And this guy has the publicity he wanted! Good for him. So, everyone do the same should it happen. Avenge your guitar's death. :)

23 Jul 2009 16:40 | Quote
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I flew united back home from Phoenix, AZ and took my guitar as carry on. I had an initial flight delay leaving Phoenix of 30 minutes, not bad. I landed in Denver and found out that our plane needed maintenance and wouldn't be ready until something like 3 AM...then our back up which should have landed in Denver at 10 PM got struck by lightning...which took a very lengthy inspection when they landed. I played my guitar for about 2 1/2 hours while we were in Denver...I hate United.
27 Jul 2009 11:59 | Quote
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Don't worry I'll get my merciless friends in PETOG to look into the matter.

As for the Airline ** them! they always do stupid ** like that.

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