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5 Dec 2006 16:05 | Quote
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I'm a beginner and need advice. Are there any tricks to playing a chord so all the strings sound clear (without any buzzes or thuds)?
6 Dec 2006 19:14 | Quote
United States
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Make Sure your fingertips are pointing straight down and not slanted causing them to touch and mute other strings

But most of all just practice,practice,practice
7 Dec 2006 08:37 | Quote
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- Place the fingers of your fretting hand just behind the metal fret wires , so the finger is in the front half of the fret area
- Use the tops of the fingers(fingertips)

these are two useful tips and yeah just practice, practice practice as jeremy said , good luck!
8 Dec 2006 12:47 | Quote
United States
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When I first learned this was a major issue. Mightydave said it right, only trick is placing that finger in the right spot behind the fret.

Other then that my only advice is to not try and press REALLY HARD to get it to work. It should work with moderate pressue, if not your problem is usually placement. Rotate the finger or move it a little.

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8 Dec 2006 13:05 | Quote
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I'm still not that good at playing guitar, but I had this problem for a long time. I think you should first practice the chords in a good left hand postion and play the chord, so you get familiar with it. Llynix said right, cause I thimk you don't have to use a lot of pressure, although in the beggining it seems like pressing hard is the key.
Anyway, what you really need, is to practice a lot.
19 Dec 2006 14:33 | Quote
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Also, try standing when your practice, so the guitar doesn't tilt back and forth as you breathe.

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