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2 Dec 2006 12:53 | Quote
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is it better to learn them induvidualy very well by pracitising days or weeks on end to get that scale down,or is it better to learn a mix of scales at once by practising various scales? there is not enough hours in the day lol
2 Dec 2006 15:36 | Quote
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well , you can't say one of the two is better , some work better for some but i think it's better to mix the scales but staying in the same type of scale so learning all major scales but not mixing them up with harmonic minors or something , if you don't seem to learn fast or much one way just try it another way and see what works best for you

good luck
4 Dec 2006 16:48 | Quote
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i found it useful to learn a couple of scales that are related to each other at the same time to keep it interesting, by related i mean diatonic modes or whatever, so then you can see how the chords that relate to one scale also relate to the other scales your learning, doing this you'll also notice that loads of the modes/scales are very similar, and often differ only by one or two notes, its also useful because after a while instead of knowing a few scales/modes that arent really connected to each other and are hard to use together, you'll know a few that work real well together an you can see how they relate to each other, oh and keep it musical,
19 Dec 2006 14:37 | Quote
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Play through them a few times and then pick one you like the sound of. Look around for a song that uses that scale, or that uses parts of it (ask your friends or people here) and then practice that song, or play the scale along with the song.

I would suggest learning one scale at a time. Learn it until you can remember it perfectly (not necessarily play it perfectly)and then work on a second one as well.

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