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Two songs ive written

23 May 2009 11:33 | Quote
Joined: 22 May 2009
United States
ok so this is my first post.

i want to share two songs ive written.

they are on my myspace music page heres the url

ones called "stare" and i didnt up the hole song cus iam like way afraid of someone stealing my songs but the other one is me and my brother singing a song we wrote called "Down The Road"

please check em out and tell me what you think.
23 May 2009 16:28 | Quote
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For stare, i think you should re record it with a metronome, unless the tempo changes are of your election.
but i can see there that you are really trying hard on it, so thats an extra point
23 May 2009 18:11 | Quote
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I like your playing. Like Soy said the timing is off a bit but not horrible, just needs some more attention. I liked the first one best. good strumming. Keep it up!
23 May 2009 19:06 | Quote
Joined: 22 May 2009
United States
thanks guys!!
23 May 2009 19:15 | Quote
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im not really into these kind of music so i cant really say anythign bad about it. other than what phip and soy said. and the vocals sounded a little flat or something

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