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how do u play Daug9?

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10 Sep 2005 13:09 | Quote
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how do u play Daug9?
10 Sep 2005 16:12 | Quote
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Here are a few ways if by Daug9 you mean the fifth is aug. with a normal ninth on top (Low to high string):

X-X-0-3-1-0 (there is no 3rd, but that's ok)
X-5-4-5-5-6 (this one is based off the normal D9 chord)
9-12-9-9-10-12 (this one is just fun)

Now if you mean the fifth is normal with a sharp ninth on top (L to H):

X-(5)-4-5-6-(5) (most people play with out the fifth, also know as the high E string, but you can play it with out the root (the A string0 or you can be funky like me and play the root note with your thumb so you can play all the notes)

Or, if you mean that both the fifth and the ninth are sharp (L to H)

X-5-4-5-6-6 (I like the sound of this chord)

I hope that you got what you were looking for some where in that mess of musical talk. Thanks for asking, though :)
14 Dec 2005 16:15 | Quote
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1-3-#5 and add the 9 (F) In this case

2 Aug 2006 03:44 | Quote
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