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18 Nov 2006 21:30 | Quote
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Hey i just started playin my guitar and im lookin for an easy song I could try to start out on learning. My guitar is electric and im lookin for rock or metal music.
18 Nov 2006 22:01 | Quote
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easy rock songs
- white stripes - seven nation army
- nirvana - like any song
easy metal songs
- metallica- for whom the bell tolls
- metallica - enter sandman
- judas priest - breaking the law
- black sabbath - paranoid
- manowar - carry on , some others too i guess
- ...

that were like the first ones that came to my mind
19 Nov 2006 03:53 | Quote
United States
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If you can get an F bar chord down you can probably play 75% of the songs out there.

I learned Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here first. All open chords and quite easy. Although the little solo is hard at first, wasn't till just recently I relearned it the right way :)

Fade to blacks verse is just Am C G Em and overall it isn't that hard. Plenty of stuff out there. Listen to the radio, wait for something simple to come on that you think you can try search for tab and check it out.


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