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Pod X3 v.s. Pod X3 live

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12 Apr 2009 18:56 | Quote
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Which pod pedal is better, I'm into metal, shred metal, and blues. Please help me find the right pedal.
13 Apr 2009 00:44 | Quote
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I play progressive metal and back when I was in the studio my rig was, Boss NS-2(noise suppressor) BOSS TU-2 (chromatic tuner) Boss Metal Zone(distortion) and a Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah. I also had a POD 2.0 which is a great effects box, even though its a little outdated, I was very impressed with it.
13 Apr 2009 12:18 | Quote
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i guess pod x3 live cause it has more effects
26 May 2009 10:21 | Quote
Joined: 26 May 2009
I know POD products pretty well.

The differences between X3, X3 live, and X3 Pro are not in the sounds.

The difference is the format of the POD.

X3 - just the effects, for home/studio use.

X3 Live - A floorboard version of the X3, with multiple footswitches for easier live manipulation. Also has the built in wah/expression pedal, and a much more "on the fly" feel to all the controls

X3 Pro - Basically the X3, but rack mounted for use with midi controllers/footswitches. You would most likely have to program all your sounds via computer, as the rack gear version does not have many buttons controls, though it does have a few.

PROBLEMS: X3 live has HORRIBLE reviews. I own several line 6 products, and the ONLY product that Ive heard bad things about is the X3 live. Something about it just crapping out after awhile, the buttons being flimsy.... just something happened in the design.

That being said, they may as well have fixed the problems in newer builds... but this would be a case of "buy the extended warrenty"

I own the XT live, and can attest, that if you REALLY study it over the long term, you can get some near mesa sounds/distortions.... but you have to have the right equipment, PA. I am thinking about getting the X3 PRO and not the live version... but I do love the layout of the LIVE series.

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