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marihuana legalization, school project

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18 Aug 2009 15:12 | Quote
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case211 says:

I love to lift weights, in any gym I always eyeball the squat rack, I used to squat 285, I'm down to 225

me and Cin would love to have a beer w/ ya ... yer our kinda folk(s)!

screw 285 .. make the 225 WORK then grab the 285 again, Bro!
I like yer style!

Cin (@55) Benches 155 LOL

she is one lean mean machine


....and keep stayin' in shape!
20 Aug 2009 17:33 | Quote
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I wish I'd gotten here sooner, I smoke marijuana everyday, it's been non harmful to me as I have been easily able to keep my mind stimulated, Marijuana will not be legalized in Canada for one reason, it will deter the quality of what is extremely pure/potent, btw I live in B.C., in the U.S. the primary problem is greed over the fact that it can be used cheaper than wood which lacked in much of the country by comparison to B.C., Thereby to legalize it will most liekly not happen, there's little way of conceivably convincing a world leader that Marijuana is right, unless it is taxed for more money, which I find will happen with Heroine before marijuan as it's expensive as hell to keep up a heroine habit apparently.
20 Aug 2009 17:59 | Quote
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yeah, my mom and stepdad were addicted to heroin and they lost these things:
their house (~$200,000)
2002 BMW M3 (~$56,000)
2003 BMW 325i(~$50,000)
2004 Dodge Neon(~15,000)
they really got in deep, they eventually sold my TV! 27 in. Sony Flatscreen w/ HDTV, new it was 400, they hocked it for 70.


Cin sounds like she is in really good shape! 55 and benches 155, thats impressive, most impressive lol
You may have to wait on that beer(legally) seeing as I'm only 18 lol you seem like one cool dude Carlsnow :)
20 Aug 2009 21:13 | Quote
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@ Carl, I didn't mean you when I was listing off examples, that just happened to be the first thing that poped into my head. haha But yeah, I occasionally get the 'slowness' though, I'm playing guitar most of the time so it really doesn't bother me; unless it makes me tired too soon. Then its frustrating! haha.
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