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What does everyone think of the Marshall MS-2?

Instruments and Gear
11 Mar 2009 21:19 | Quote
Joined: 29 May 2008
United States
I like it, its a nice little amp to carry around. not for gigs though.....I just use it to walk to the park with some distortion :D
12 Mar 2009 06:55 | Quote
Joined: 14 Oct 2008
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Isn't MS-4 a must along with MS-2? I dunno, I just heard my friend say that.
12 Mar 2009 11:37 | Quote
Joined: 03 Oct 2008
United States
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I don't know what they sound like. I have a guitar center down the street from me. I just may go try one out at lunch!
12 Mar 2009 11:45 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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those are the micro amps right?
12 Mar 2009 16:52 | Quote
Joined: 20 Mar 2008
United States
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Yes, it is the micro amp.

I have one. It's ok to use with headphones when I want to play without disturbing people (like late at night). The tone isn't really that bad, and that's really all that matters to me for a headphone amp (that only cost $40).
14 Mar 2009 12:24 | Quote
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I like it but I think its overpriced. I saw some cheaper, smaller, and louder amps on Ebay.
15 Mar 2009 19:16 | Quote
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I have a review on this:

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