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Home recording - tutorial - a better click track

Instruments and Gear
10 Mar 2009 10:59 | Quote
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Wrote part 2 of a series of home recording tutorials - for those who aren't sound engineers. The latest is on a better click track - MIDI drum basics.

The first tutorial is a few post down - about experimentation.
10 Mar 2009 11:27 | Quote
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Clearly explained, well done. Been working with sequencers for few years and I love it to do songs based on drumtrack, but there is one force you to someway...if you first record guitar with metronome and later add drums, it takes you more creativity way in my opinion...

but nontheless it was very easy and very cool to play along with drumtrack. And everyone who is goin to use virtual instruments I really suggest that you take sequencer that support VST and getyourself a EZdrummer.

Nice tutorials, keep it up m8.


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