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Play with this chord progressions

Music Theory
9 Mar 2009 22:52 | Quote
Joined: 09 Mar 2009
Hi Im totally new on this forums, so I have a question,
look I have this chord progressions I made, not sure about how many scale possibilities I have with:

D#maj7 - D7 - Dm7 - Cm7

I tried with F major scale, it sound good...
the question is... I dont know exactly why.

10 Mar 2009 10:27 | Quote
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hello kohllapse how are you and yes it does sound good

try Gmaj7 - Bm7 - Cmaj7 you have to play it kind of slow cuz its that epic
10 Mar 2009 11:15 | Quote
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imo, do whatever sounds good to you dude
10 Mar 2009 13:10 | Quote
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I agree, just mess on with it until you feel you've found an improvement. But if you like the sequence you keep it. Look and sturm through the chords, see what you like connecting together.

Have fun.
10 Mar 2009 14:54 | Quote
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just plug in your chords and it will tell you what scales will go with it.
11 Mar 2009 12:42 | Quote
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It sounds cool to the ear, but theoretically, you're changing the key every time you change the D chord, so if you're thinking about soloing over these, you need to make sure you're soloing in the right key.

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