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guitar lead and rhythm hybrid

5 Mar 2009 02:49 | Quote
Joined: 03 Feb 2009
i am just wondering if you guys can point me to a lesson or give me some pointers on how to combine rhythm guitar with some licks kinda like hendrix. im having a hard time what would sound good with each chord as well as going from a lick to a different chord i understand some music theory but not a whole not. i hope this isnt too confusing.
5 Mar 2009 06:23 | Quote
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search it. Someone made a good one a couple months ago.
5 Mar 2009 07:58 | Quote
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Well, I think its very hard to explain, but please, check this video out, you might get the point. After that... well get hell off that computer to practise :D... long way man, long and rocky way man...

5 Mar 2009 11:15 | Quote
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Well, you need to compliment your chords, so while you're playing the rhythm, you need to make sure your licks work with that chord, otherwise it won't really give it justice. Work with meaning; make sure it's obvious that chord is being used, BUT you can venture away from it as long as you come back to it before it's finished.

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