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Another original recording - Lonely Mile Man

4 Mar 2009 06:48 | Quote
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This was the first song I added any MIDI instrumentation to. I scored bass and drums via MIDI - revisiting drums this coming weekend.

It started as just acoustic over a click for timing. I went back and recorded backing vocals, added two basic lead tracks (just did a short segment of one octave off on the second guitar solo). Then I added bass and drums. I added the electric rhythm guitar starting verse #2 as a sort of after-thought.

When I play it live/solo, it is more of a Johnny Cash stylized number but I've played it with a band a couple of times and you can really rock out on it a bit..

Lonely Mile Man
Copyright © Matthew Moran 2008 (Sea Gypsy Music)

An empty stretch of blacktopís worn down many travelerís soul
Leads them to the border but always one more hill to go
And like a modern day messiah, I lead them through this land
But never to the water, Iím the Lonely Mile Man
Lonely Mile Man

Itís a lonely highway that a few of us must share
If youíve been broken-hearted, you can join us there
Faces shielded from a desert wind
Thumb stuck out we try again
Hoping for that sweet and dangerous rideÖ on an


Side by Side and Face to Face, we face the night alone
Drink by drink and tear by tear we shuffle and we roam
We all get here in our own way
But every story is just the same
Just past the love and through the painÖ on an

Their hearts are tangled, torn, and tossed
But their souls are resolute
Some on the losiní side of faithlessness
Some whoíve tasted that forbidden fruit..yeah
24 May 2009 20:28 | Quote
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28 May 2009 16:01 | Quote
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Wow, Mattew I'm impressed!

I love the lyrics, they really get to me. I like your voice too, it has the right amount of gravel for this kind of song.

Nice work!
28 May 2009 17:17 | Quote
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In my opinion this is your best song sofar... especially liked the bridge part and the end. Very nice.

28 May 2009 17:27 | Quote
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Good music very rare this type of music these days. Reminds me of traveling the roads of the southwest in the nineties.

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