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Tuning a Guitar

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3 Sep 2005 16:21 | Quote
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Where on the internet can I find an online or downloadable guitar tuner where I can drop-tune the strings to sharps and flats. If I can't, then how do I tune it manually?
4 Sep 2005 10:30 | Quote
United States
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This is the best one I have found, and you will need a microphone:
5 Sep 2005 10:17 | Quote
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Thank you, but, you see the thing is I don't have a microphone. Is there one where it plays the sharp or flat notes and I can tune my guitar to those notes?

27 Sep 2005 15:14 | Quote
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11 Dec 2005 12:27 | Quote
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what you do is something like 5th fret tuning, excet you use a higher fret so that the string sounds sharp, so lower it to make it sound like the next string and then you will have tuned it down. for example, to get drop d tuning, do 5th fret tuning on the 7th fret, only for the low E string though, because that's all that is changed for drop D
19 Jan 2006 20:40 | Quote
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do u know where there is a downloadable tuner for macintosh computer,i have a mich but not a pc computer......
6 Mar 2006 13:14 | Quote
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if you know how to do harmonics, that is very accurate. I'll try to find a website that tells you ho to do that it gets confusing if i explain

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