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13 Jan 2009 16:02 | Quote
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ive got to have a song in 5 days for a contest, i need something to write the lyrics about. it has to be an original idea, it has to have a good message in it, and it has to be in spanish.. i need ideas, hurry, please..
13 Jan 2009 17:13 | Quote
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Dude, try checking out some poems by Paublo Naruda, those are pretty radical

"Inclinado en las tardes tiro mis tristes redes
a tus ojos oceanicos"

Love that
14 Jan 2009 14:51 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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How about something a big rare but can I think be great, one about how strange life happens. I'm not sure how to explain it, but there's a song by Carolina rain called 'All before the sun goes down' look it up, you may not like that theme fair enough. But it'd be a good theme to get encouraged towards I think. Good luck.
14 Jan 2009 20:00 | Quote
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escribe de lo las mujeres...sus ojos...sus cabellos..sus..Bueno..tu me entiendes jajaja...saludos lil fellah!!!

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