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I've decided... A New amp it is!

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12 Jan 2009 18:12 | Quote
Joined: 07 Sep 2008
I'm actually finding myself getting back in to metal heavily, (thank you In Flames!)
While I am getting a somewhat good tone out of my crappy pedals, I've decided I'm taking my EQ and SD-1 back, and I'm going to look for a nice amp.
Around 400 - 800 dollars I'll say. What kind should I look into? Something that is loud (80 watts minimum) but also has a REALLY nice, powerful natural distortion, remaining versatile (that I can do a metal and hardcore punk sound with, or one or the other/crossover, etc.) I'm thinking about getting a Traynor. Possibly a Peavey.
I'll leave it to you guys to give me recommendations.

Keep rocking!
I will be back....
12 Jan 2009 18:15 | Quote
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try a jcm 800, peavey windsor is good for 400, peaavey classic is good, but ud have to overdrive all of those a lot to gert a metal sound.
12 Jan 2009 18:28 | Quote
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diffidently get a all tube amp (there are a lot of hybrids even if they don't say so{their is three parts[best of my knowledge] POWER, PREAMP,and RECTIFIER}) if you want a natural distortion.

try looking into mesa boggies i bet they will fit you need. i have never felt peavey would be a hardcore punk sound but that depends on what bands your talking about and personal tastes. i would look into more boutique amps there more money but i think that is where you will find what your looking for not at these "Walmart of guitar stores"
12 Jan 2009 18:32 | Quote
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Boy, I had forgotten about Traynor's. My friend has one and it has a very nice sound, very tube-amp-metal.I have a Peavey and it's perfect for what I do (Blues, Jazz, Rock), but I don't know if I'd recommend it for metal. Maybe with your pedal-chain though it would work.
13 Jan 2009 12:02 | Quote
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if u spare $200 more u can get an engl thunder drive, its a nice f-in amp! it has kick arse distortion to, so there is no need for pedals. peaveys are good to, like the valve king but u'd need $100 more

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