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Typical Scales

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8 Jan 2009 14:26 | Quote
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Right so in the music tech course i am doing at college, we have to remake a chosen song in a completely different genre using only MIDI.
My song is light my fire by the doors to be remade into R+B.
Anyway, i was just wondering what scales might be used in a typical R+B song. I know this is a guitar site but knowing many of you, you will know your music thoery like the back of you hand! Unfortunately for me, i don't, but currently working at it.

So...Any thoughts?
8 Jan 2009 14:38 | Quote
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If you're talking modern RnB there's not a lot of variety, mostly either Major and Minor scales although you do see some Lydian a fair bit too. Of course the Minor Pentatonic comes into it sometimes as well.
However if its old-skool RnB when the music was good it was more modally based as it was derived from jazz and blues, so Dorian and Mixolydian were popular choices and even the odd flurry of Diminished madness, as well as Blues and Minor Pentatonic.

All those scales are available at the top of this page under 'guitar scales' BTW!


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