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really stupid question

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26 Sep 2006 19:11 | Quote
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which letter is each of the strings called?
could anyone name the letter for each
string? Thank you so much
26 Sep 2006 19:45 | Quote
United States
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From thickest to thinest: E A D G B E
27 Sep 2006 12:36 | Quote
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note that this is standard tuning ant that there are many other varieties that a guitar can be tuned to.. but most music you will find is in this form, if otherwise the tuning is usually stated somewhere.

also.. yeah that is a pretty stupid question, but a basic one.. how would you be able to tune without knowing what notes theyre supposed to be?

you cant
27 Sep 2006 15:56 | Quote
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you don't have to be afraid to ask questions even if they sound stupid in your eyes , you can't know everything ;)
7 Oct 2007 14:27 | Quote
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yep mightydave is ryt,,,we all fell in our 1st attempts 2 walk nd we'll keep falling in any 1st attempt now u knw the string names nd hopefully ur gona learn every note on ur fretboard nd ur gona play lead someday jst dont b afraid 2 ask,,

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