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learning a solo from a book

30 Dec 2008 07:39 | Quote
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I did a search and look to see if I can find the answer with no luck so may be this question has pop up a million of times but what the best place to learn a guitar solo from a book

I have listen to the track and started to play the scales belonging to the solo but when I play it slow its sound nothing like the original. Is this down to speed and timing and will this come naturally the more time I spend learning the solo

Many thanks

30 Dec 2008 10:13 | Quote
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When you're starting to learn a solo, take it bit by bit [or lick by lick, if you wish]. Don't hurry to try it at fullspeed right away, 'cause that won't work. You couldn't run when you first got up to your feet either.
When you master one little part, try to get it up to speed, and work on that 'till you feel absolutely confident, accept no mistakes, not even the little one you almost don't hear. Then proceed to the next part, and repeat the process.
You'll find out that the next parts will be a lot easier to get into, since your technique has developed a bit :)
And finally: have **loads of fun doing this ;)
31 Dec 2008 05:47 | Quote
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Many thanks for your advice very helpful indeed. I have managed to crack some of the lead solo which I am pleased with just the little bits like bends and hammer ons to get sorted out.

31 Dec 2008 10:42 | Quote
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If you're interested in practicing on your own while improving your solos, I'd recommend getting band in a box. That's a great program to jam around in.

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