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Modes and Scales along the fretboard

29 Dec 2008 15:02 | Quote
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Ok, so what I have come to do is look at all the major scales and their modes as one shape that can be moved up and down the fretboard

ex. the C major scale is the same shape as the B major scale except all notes are moved 1 fret up

Now, should I stop looking at it this way because its a bad habit or something?
29 Dec 2008 15:08 | Quote
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It's a handy habbit and I used to see it that way. But now that you're at that stage come to look at them as multiple values. Like what I said in my lesson really. Take the minor (6th position of the major scale) for example, using that you can also play the harmonic, melodic, dorian and so on ontop of the minor. Creating the multiple values. I'm not saying the one position, I'm saying anywhere the minor is on the fret board.

It gives it more character. But make sure you don't change the key while you're messing around. So go out but resolve it in it's original place.

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