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Scales and Tuning

Music Theory
23 Dec 2008 11:34 | Quote
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Hello all,
I was practicing scales and, I was wondering what happens to scales when I tune the guitar one step down? For example, the C major scale (played in a E standard tuning) would become a D major (played in a whole step down tuning), am I right? In fact, I know I'm not but, I would really appreciate if someone would help me to clarfiy that.

Thx, it's appreciated!

23 Dec 2008 13:43 | Quote
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no not really....c major is c major no matter what tuning you're using. the finger positions of c major would become the finger positions for Bb major if you tune down a whole step. when you tune your guitar down, the finger positions shift toward the body of the guitar. regardless you shouldnt think of scales in finger positions. think of them as the notes that make them. itll save you a lot of confusion.
23 Dec 2008 14:36 | Quote
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What you should do is memories the notes on the fret board. I think it'd be easier if you remembered each note on every other fret, so like you would with the open string, then on the third, then fifth, seventh, ninth, twelfth. So you can think quicker on where the notes are.

This should also help you to understand what GuitarSlinger was talking about.
23 Dec 2008 16:15 | Quote
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Thanks guys, really!!! I know understand a bit more how it works!

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