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17 Dec 2008 16:19 | Quote
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I've heard some really good things about compressors, and I'm just wondering if any of you have experience using them. I'm not 100% on what exactly they do for you, but I keep hearing things like "cleaner tone" or "better sustain".
17 Dec 2008 16:27 | Quote
Joined: 04 Feb 2008
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they can help with feedback too, if used right. i dont have one but a buddy of mine does.
17 Dec 2008 16:28 | Quote
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maybe but i find on leads i wana alter my dynamics and i cant, and also i find the tone of the sound isnt as good.
17 Dec 2008 17:05 | Quote
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compressors cut out the highs and the lows giving a more stable sound but as emb put it the sound loses some dynamics/edge. to me it works great for recording but live i'm not a fan but then it really up to how you feel your sound should be
17 Dec 2008 18:10 | Quote
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compressors are kind of a necessity for bassists, though. it can prevent serious speaker damage from a really heavy player.
17 Dec 2008 19:07 | Quote
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A compressor does not "cut" signal but compresses it. If you need to cut use an EQ. WHen you use a compresser your notes will sustain longer. recording the compresser will also make the track seem punchier.

I used to have a couple of dod rack compressers I used when I played the Bass more and they came in handy when recording too. I got rid of them a while back. I still have one of those danoelectric compressers, not great but does the job.

What are you looking to do? Alot of the country guys play a highly compressed tele and get a real cool clean sound.
21 Dec 2008 03:36 | Quote
Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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If you wish to have solid heavy sounding rhytm sound, I definately recommend compressor, but as I know your playing style and your fancy to laid back stuff and groovy stuff, I recommend you to leave it be. Your style need a dynamics which compressor kills it right away.

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