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playing by ear

16 Dec 2008 13:55 | Quote
Joined: 23 Oct 2008
United States
how does someone learn to play by ear im trying to play by ear but i get nowhere
16 Dec 2008 14:25 | Quote
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Learning to train your ear takes many years and cannot be mastered within the few days when you're truly inspired to learn.

I'd recommend getting a program "Play What You Hear" which is rated the best program so far to train a musician's ear. But it's pricy.

If you don't want to spend that much, for now just get 100 Chords Method (first the trial) and that introduces you into training your ear to notice the sound of chords.

Basically make sure your instrument is in tune, and constantly focus in on the notes which are being played. Hum the notes, sing, anything like that but do not learn it only in your head! This will be as Skold says "An Epic Fail". My point is that in order to truly train your ear you need to train your voice, so you are truly pitch perfect.
16 Dec 2008 14:47 | Quote
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theres a free ear training program that my music teacher said to check out, i havnt tho, and i dont remember wut it was, ill have to find it again
21 Dec 2008 20:35 | Quote
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I learned to play by ear in less than a year.

But that's prolly cuz I listen to ALOT of music.
21 Dec 2008 22:24 | Quote
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i don't know how long it took me.. i was in the school band for 4 years so i'm guessing it happened during that time... lol

but i agree with what jazz said, just keep practicing, play chords, listen to them and hum them or sing them so that you can LEARN the pitch of each one, not memorize it
6 Jun 2010 08:32 | Quote
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7 Jun 2010 11:13 | Quote
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Some people are born with this ability and some have to learn. I think because I could do this right away, it inspired me to play more. The bad part is that I wasn't inspired to learn to site read.

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