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13 Dec 2008 12:11 | Quote
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This is somewhat of an add-on to what an earlier post suggested, but I just thought I should maybe expand upon the idea a little.

In the earlier post, it talked about how you can changes the tuning on the Guitar Scales tool, but that the tunings were very limited, and was asking if things could be changed to allow more variety. Others came up with being able to change any string to any note (A through G#).

I was just thinking about suggesting the idea of having this be for the Guitar Chords tool as well, so that whatever tuning you are in, you could easily get the chord that you need to make a Cmaj, etc. Also, if this could be used for the Chord Finder tool as well, so that when you are looking for the name of a chord that you were kinda messing around with, you would get the appropriate name for the tuning that you were in.


(Props to GuitarBoy666 for initial post)
13 Dec 2008 18:32 | Quote
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I've already spoken to the admin about this a while ago. I suggested it'd be on every tool on here. :)

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