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2 solos ive wanted to share with you

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9 Dec 2008 20:15 | Quote
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NOTE: its not me playin, i just searched the solos cause they are the most orgasmic parts of the song

the song is named salando las heridas by los redondos.
9 Dec 2008 20:17 | Quote
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didn't work
9 Dec 2008 20:18 | Quote
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it does in my computer.....give it another try
10 Dec 2008 13:33 | Quote
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Thief! You stole my guitar! :P Good choice man.

The second video's angle is better for those who don't know what/where you're playing. The song also reminds me of Carlos Santana.

Good that you're able to play the original solo in time, that's important and some miss that out without realising it. How about trying some of your own solos? Could be very creative!
10 Dec 2008 13:39 | Quote
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he said it wasnt him playing jazzy
10 Dec 2008 15:36 | Quote
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Seems like generic pentatonic stuff to me. I couldn't watch all of the first one, but the second one he doesn't stray from the box position of pentatonic minor at A and E... Not too bad for a beginner though.
10 Dec 2008 15:38 | Quote
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Nicely played. Like the upper more.

btw, somehow that guitar looks so cool :P

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