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Latest Albums, eh.

6 Dec 2008 23:24 | Quote
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I was thinking about how all of my favourite bands just came out with new albums; The killers, Guns N Roses, Oasis, Metallica. I must honestly say I did not like any of them. The first Metallica, I feel as If they’re just in it for the money these days. Before, in the late 80’s early 90’s were they’re glory day. Though those days are long gone their fan base only grows. What I have noticed is that the new fans seem to like the new album, as apposed to the more loyal older fans have shown disappointment. Personally I thought it was just a poor waste of my $9.99.
The next pop band album to come out was Oasis’ “Dig out you soul.” At first I straight up thought it was a piece of crap. Then I listened to it again and again, it grew on me. But lately I have come to realize that the songs I thought I liked; “I’m outta time” and “Ain’t got nothing”, though pretty good lyrics and a mean riff they were not the best they could have done. I hope Noel’s solo album is extremely better. Why can’t they do a more “raw” album like “Definantly Maybe” or an album full of raging anthems throughout similar to “What’s the story(morning glory)”. Sure you’d say that they just be reapeating there old stuff. Well to me if they’re different riffs, chord progressions, and lyrics then I couldn’t care less.
The next album to come was The Killers’ new album “Day and Age.” It was not terrible like the other albums I am menchining but it again was not the best the band could do. At first I hated “Human”, then after listening to it a couple of times, I still hated it. Then I listened to space which wasn’t bad at all. But the rest of the album is just a failed attempt to be different,(if that’s possible for them to do) with the weird instruments they used throughout the album. I’ve got to say I think that they’re days of electronic rock have passed. I hope they turn back to the musical stylings of “Tranquilize”, that was a great album. Not that I don’t love their old electronic stuff, it’s just I don’t think they still have it in them.
Finally,( I’ve had enough of writing about this crap, you’ve probably grown tired of reading it too. Soryy.) Guns N Roses’ new album “North Korean Democracy” Oh ***. I mean “Chinese Democracy.” Well this ones going to be short. This album was absolute crap. It sounded like a North Korean fire drill, or a Chinese firedrill, my bad again.
Well that’s all. On my next post I’ll write about a positive topic.

Please check out my other posts with some of my songs on them. Thanks, Pat
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i didnt really heard those albums, im happy w my old music in my cel
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You sure can type an essay.

Bands change, they get bored of the music they made years ago and want to make something different. Some bands get away with it, some bands don't. It depends on how long you choose to keep to the same genre/style.

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