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Greatest band of the 90's

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27 Dec 2008 15:53 | Quote
Joined: 27 Dec 2008
it makes it better only by popularity by it being played more. Sure other songs may be more "complex" but Nirvana also had techniques in solos that were kind of "complex" like from In Bloom, Love Buzz, and definitely Spank Thru from Muddy Banks of the Wishkah. Kurt could play some kickass solos but didn't do it very often and to me, I don't think Kurt learned scales and stuff and at the same time he seemed to know what key to play his solos in...
30 Dec 2008 10:18 | Quote
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Yeeha for bodom.
30 Dec 2008 12:15 | Quote
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Ozzfan486 says:

no doubt
30 Dec 2008 14:17 | Quote
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Well the poll says "greatness" I interpret that as gratness in general. I mean I believe Nirvana is overrated but then again they were excellent pop musicians and musically there not as bad as some current popular bands.

@Guitarslinger I thought you meant No Doubt the band.
30 Dec 2008 15:43 | Quote
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Pop? Nirvana? Not quite, but I see what you're saying.
30 Dec 2008 15:47 | Quote
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What I love about Nirvana and Oasis is how they tapped into the mindset of their respective country's youth.

Nirvana tapped into the "I just don't f**king care anymore/I'm ugly, but so are you - lets party" grunge kind of thing that was going on in America during that time, While Oasis tapped into the "I can't find a job, but f**k it - **e ain't worth it anyway" kind of thing.
30 Dec 2008 17:51 | Quote
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When he says pop he classes it for it's original name standing for popular, in which case they were very popular, and pleased many many people.

Personally I'd say they're better than some wannabe bands in this day and age.

mojo90, That's when it comes to ear training, people who only learn the guitar by ear are very impressive, but sometimes limited. A shame really.
14 Apr 2009 13:34 | Quote
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I couldnt choose but i did i picked oasis
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