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the frets

6 Dec 2008 00:15 | Quote
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im learning the fretboard.. okay, i kinda know it, but i dunno if i know it as i should, i know every note, but i , 4 example see the 8 fret in the d string, i think: 1 note after the 7th, which means the same as the string before so its 1 fret of the 5 string so this is a sharp....
is this thte way im suppossed to learn this or am i messed up?
6 Dec 2008 04:24 | Quote
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You can learn it anyway you want, it doesn't really matter how you know it as long as you know it.

The way I remember it when I'm thinking quickly is to remember the notes from E to E on the frets which are marked. Like the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12. Exactly how you would remember it as if it were the open string:

E, A , D, G, B, E.

I'm at the stage where I don't really need to think of the notes anymore, but that's what I did and it worked like a charm.
6 Dec 2008 16:18 | Quote
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I'm starting to learn all the notes. I just memorized them a string at a time. Learn all the notes on the E string and then you will just have four strings to go. I studied until someone could point to a fret on the E string and I could instantly name the note, then I moved to the A string. I even made a drawing of the string I was studying and kept it in my wallet. I pull it out and study it on break at work or anytime I have a minute. There might be better ways but this is best for me.

EDIT: It helps when you draw the string to draw the whole neck. I even put inlays on my drawing to match my guitar so you are used to seeing the notes where they really are on your guitar.

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