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27 Aug 2005 23:02 | Quote
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I am playing a song with the chords G E and D and I am wondering what scales I could use to create a solo for the song. Any help would be appriciated.
28 Aug 2005 10:56 | Quote
United States
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The problem you have is that E major is not in the G major scale, (E min is). What you can do to over come this is to change scales when you play different chords. I think you were asking to have one scale that you could use, but you actually should use three, one for each chord. Start your solo with a G major scale and when the chord changes to a D major go into a D major scale, (at this point you can stick to a G major scale if you want to, because the D major chord is in the key of G major). The reason for changing scales is the E chord because of the G#(Ab) that is part of that chord which conflicts with the G of the normal G major scale. The way to make a solo work with three different scales is to find common notes to transition between. For the transition between G and D major, use A’s, B’s, D’s, E’, F#’s, and G’s the most because they all are in both scales (so, in other words avoid C’s and C#’s because they conflict, but they can add great tension to a solo). Now D to E to G major is a little trickier. The notes that you can use as much of as your want are A’s, B’s, E’s, and F#’s (C# is good transitioning between D and E major). The other notes are good for tension, which can be resolved by ending on G major. I hope this helps and is not too confusing.

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