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basic advance theory

Music Theory
11 Nov 2008 03:37 | Quote
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just for general references to many people new to guitar and generally any music theory here are the basic signs to do with chords and some scale theory

a triangle = major 7
small circle = diminshed
small circle with verticle line through it = half diminished or maj7b5 as it is traditionally called.

also you may be wondering the diff between say an Ab6 and an A(b6) the first is an Ab chord with an added 6th. the second is an A chord with a flattened 6th.

and anyone comfunsed about the "key of H" H is the traditional german way of talking about the key of B. in much classical music when the key of B is mentioned it is being used to refer to Bb and then H is used for the natural key of B.

now as for modes.. they're alot more simple then they are made out to be.
a mode is simply a major scale with an altered tonic. eg. the C major scale.

C D E F G A B C to make for instance the dorian mode (2nd degree of the major scale) you simply play a C maj scale starting and ending on D.

you do the same with the other 6 modes.

aeolian(natural minor mode)
dorian(diminished mode)

umm what else should you know.. if you ever hear anyone talking about phrygian dominant it is simpely the phrigian mode played using the harmonic minor scale (normal minor scale with a major 7th)

so yeah if anyone has any other queries or comments feel free to email me

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the locrian is the diminished mode, not the dorian... and maybe this would better serve people if you posted it in the lessons

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