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10 Nov 2008 11:42 | Quote
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ok i've made a song... Well im in the process of making its going good starts with classic guitar for like 1 minute 30 seconds then that fades on a note and it goes to overdrive and starts off slow but builds to some quick tapping that switches strings and goes to a med speed thing.
Thats me setting a picture btw plus its all solo.

Now a few friends criticed it and said it needed another instrument to compliment it part way through on the acoustic bit, so i added as the title sugests a didgeridoo as its the only other instrument in my room.

One mate says it is rubbish another says really good now the first mate says didgeridoos sound rubbish with guitar and i think shes biased now im wondering am i being too ecentric

now i dont have any acounts i can load it onto on anything cept youtube so if you wanna hear i will keep in mind i've only been playing for like 2 years though
10 Nov 2008 11:50 | Quote
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Do you have a keyboard? Some lush strings might compliment the acoustic part. If you don't have a keyboard then you could download guitar pro and make a midi keyboard part on there.
10 Nov 2008 12:01 | Quote
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we have a synthesiser which has crappy strings but still strings

its just moving it from the room its in to my room. I did think of it though

but is the didgeridoo definatly a bad move i did kindad do it spur of the moment
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i think i didgeridoo would ad some cool texture to it, but idk much about them. i would try it and if it sounds crap, find something else
10 Nov 2008 12:21 | Quote
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well i did try it but some mates who didnt notice till i pointed it out said its sh!t and one said its good and i dunno.
10 Nov 2008 13:32 | Quote
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It's a matter of opinion, your first friend sounds far too narrow minded. Do what YOU want, not what they want. It's your song, so you do it the way you think sounds best.

I play Didgeridoo, and it sounds pretty cool with some of my tracks.
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Well someone who palinly says the dideridoo is rubbish could well be wrong for most epople's opinions. I must say I've never heard any kind of guitar with a didgeridoo though so I can't say what my personal opinion may be.

All I can advise is you simply play that part of the song with and without the didgeridoo and like Jazz said, it's up to you so do what you like the sound of most, whilst doing that just ignore all the feedback you've recently been given so your mind is cleared for the decision.
10 Nov 2008 18:09 | Quote
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remember, didgeridoos are instruments too. (i'm a poet)

therefore, they have a key to play in. my suggestion is to figure out the key of the didgeridoo and transpose your guitar into a key that works along with it.

for example, my didgeridoo is in the key of E, so I would play E minor, or any compatible key.
11 Nov 2008 03:25 | Quote
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mines in Aminor and that was what im playing in so i was like give it a shot and my friend doesnt have a wide a taste of music as me or the pro-didgeridoo friend

i am gonna keep it but i will do a version without as well

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