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guitar for my father... 1000-1500

9 Nov 2008 18:15 | Quote
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well... i play guitar and have done for a few years... play a mexican strat cause i am a poor *er... but ... my step mother and dad are not poor and she wants suggestion for him... he hardly even can play... like i think he learned some open chords 30 years ago... so it falls on me to find out what he would liek

i am immediatly thinking ... strat, tele, or les paul (obvisouly

if anyone has particular models or guitars that they can think would be nice for him (and me) to play i would appreciate it.. i would assume the price range we are looking for is about 1000-2000 bucks.. thanks everyone.
9 Nov 2008 20:49 | Quote
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Fender American Standard and American Strats and Teles fall in that range. I think the Gibson SG Standard is 1600 or so.. Not sure about all the Gibson Les Paul models, but I think they start at around $800 or so. Maybe even look into a Gibson ES335? Does he need an amp as well?

10 Nov 2008 11:57 | Quote
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mayb a kool Ibanez would worth too...but les paul would be great
10 Nov 2008 13:35 | Quote
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you would really need to know the type of music he listens to.
who knows,maybe he'd rather an acoustic ?

for that much money,you can just about have any guitar out there.

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