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Cheap Pedals

18 Oct 2008 18:16 | Quote
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Hey Guys I thought I would throw this out there but I went to Target today and I always hit the end caps where all the clearance stuff is at and i scored 2 Washburn overdrive pedals for $10 a piece one is a blues over drive and the other is a soloist distortion. I did not really need them but how could i pass them up? I also found a cloth fender gig bag for $10.

Of course I was and idiot and forgot about the whole 9v batteries. I was pretty excited.

I also traded some guy off craigslist a really crappy cheesey multi-effects processor (zoom 505) for a little peavey mixer. I have done nothing today but play with toys

18 Oct 2008 18:26 | Quote
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wow that sounds awesome! You're really lucky. You could sell them online for more if you don't want them.
18 Oct 2008 18:32 | Quote
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Target has music gear ?????

what section did you find those in ? i've never seen any
gear at my local store.

i would have done exactly the same Tele. for the price who cares ?
i'm sure they both sell for at least $20-25 a piece. nice score :)
18 Oct 2008 19:53 | Quote
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Yeah they have had lyon guitars and amps for a few years, usualy in the electronics section. It was on the end caps along the far wall (where most the clearance stuff is. the list price on them was $39.99.

I'm pretty unimpressed with the blues over drive, it's like every other over drive pedal. The Solo distortion is way too nasty when opened up (in other words you who are into metal might like it) but i tamed it down and got a really nice smooth tone, pretty hard to describe.

18 Oct 2008 22:13 | Quote
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I got a Budda Budwah for $130. May not sound cheap, but considering they go for $160 in Guitar Center, Musiciansfriend, etc., I'd say I did ok.

Hehe, it's an awesome wah.

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