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Key of ?????

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19 Aug 2006 21:16 | Quote
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What key is C Em7 and G6add9 in??
19 Aug 2006 21:18 | Quote
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i need to know because im gonna create a solo over those chords...+ if any one knows the key of those chords and they got a good solo help me out.....thanks!!
20 Aug 2006 09:09 | Quote
United States
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It is C major.
20 Aug 2006 09:23 | Quote
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How do u figure that out
20 Aug 2006 09:28 | Quote
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4 Sep 2006 13:21 | Quote
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you should know how the chords are made

first you have c major chords (1-3-5) of the c major scale , that's C-E-G then you have Em7 (1-b3-b7) that's g-b-d-e then you have sixth , added ninth ( 1-3-5-6-9) that's c -e -g -a-d so you have c -d -e-g-a -b and all these notes are notes from the c major scale

hope you understand a bit , it just comes down about knowing which notes are in the chords and in the scales

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