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Scalloped Frets playing issue

13 Oct 2008 14:45 | Quote
Joined: 01 Jan 2008
United States
So my guitar has a fully scalloped fretboard, cool right? well kind of. Its a really sweet guitar by all means im just running into some trouble with the scalloped frets compared to normal. its not that im pressing to hard or anything like that. the problem is that the high e string slips off the bottom of the neck while im playing every now and then. this is not a guitar issue, its a my fingers sliding it off issue. does anyone else notice this problem when playing on scalloped frets? is should note that the frets are also stainless steel if that makes any difference.
14 Oct 2008 07:51 | Quote
Joined: 09 Sep 2008
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try getting a thicker gauge string if its too loose?
14 Oct 2008 17:50 | Quote
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United States
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I believe you just have to master the scalloped fretboard. I play a Jackson Kelly and the high E string is really near the edge of the fretboard. This forced me to practice bending up.

I think youre pressing too hard. I remember trying a Dinky with scalloped frets and I realized how accurate you have to be with your fretting.
14 Oct 2008 20:09 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
United States
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I think that is the point of the scalloped neck you hardly have to touch the string for the note to ring.
14 Oct 2008 20:21 | Quote
Joined: 26 May 2008
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Man, even though thats happining, scalloped guitars are so radical, i wish i had one
14 Oct 2008 20:55 | Quote
Joined: 13 Jan 2008
United States
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you could not pay me to play one. I think it's the dumbest idea since using a cordless drill on a guitar
14 Oct 2008 21:01 | Quote
Joined: 27 May 2008
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id like to try scalloped frets, id probly hate it tho lol
15 Oct 2008 06:01 | Quote
Joined: 28 Aug 2008
United Kingdom
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Best thing I could say it try to push your fingers up when you're on the high E string. Not too high so you're actually bending the note, just enough so you're able to play it without it sliding off.
15 Oct 2008 16:10 | Quote
Joined: 22 Sep 2008
United States
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I played a scalloped fretboard on the Yngwie malmsteen and it had the same problem. I still love the scalloped though.

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