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Melancholy... ness

10 Oct 2008 22:39 | Quote
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Well, I'm sitting here in quite the melancholic mood. I don't really know why, but I would try to get the feeling out in a song, poem, or novel (yeah, a novel). I'm writing this to try to spark creativity more than anything, but I'm also hoping someone else can share their ideas on what to do or maybe explain their own situation.

I feel a bout with insomnia coming on as well.
10 Oct 2008 22:43 | Quote
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Write about how you feel at the moment.

You're melancholy: I could care, but Melon's callin (choly/chollin) me to do something else.
10 Oct 2008 22:52 | Quote
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man every one goes through it. most of my songs come out when i'm in that type of mood but sometiems it's hard to get the feeling your feeling now in a song but i find it better to reflect on another tough time you had, while you're all bumed now.

you know kinda like when you got the "woman just left you blues" you wirte about when you had the "mamma just kicked me out the house blues"

feel me brother?

Lol, i think i need to get off line for a while come here my precous red dot......
10 Oct 2008 23:10 | Quote
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I know what you're saying Skold, but I can't get anything to sound right. "When I try I force it out." I think that's from a Frusciante song, and it's definitely how I'm feeling.

Thanks for the encouragement tele. I don't necessarily feel "bad" right now, it just seems like things are conspiring against me. I don't know if there's a reason, maybe some experience today triggered it (I'll reflect on this), or maybe some neurons in my brain are firing out of whack. I wonder... And FYI, I had to fight to not type all of that in Spanish-more brain-problem evidence I suppose.
11 Oct 2008 04:33 | Quote
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@ Crunch,
Ah yes, when i get into a funk like that i just crawl right inside and roll around in it! I get i all over me and soak it all in. Put on some real sad soulful songs and drink it in. I embrace it until it gets right down to the bone. Make notes, usually one or two words at a time that come to mind. Don't try to write it all out or you'll lose the mood. You can sort it all out later!
Of course you'll want to hide all the sharp objects in the house!
Here, i'll get you started..........

Have a happy unhappyness!
11 Oct 2008 08:51 | Quote
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Man I'm in that state now. I know exactly what you mean about forcing it out, too. What I do when I can't write it, I either draw it in whatever way my mind feels like expressing it... could be stick men fighting, could be scribbles which look like nothing... until you look deeper and see things within the lines.

Or the other thing I do is just listen to music, any style I feel. I was just listening to "Mute Math" - "Reset". I focused on the effects and then just the drums, the rhythm, and tied it to my emotions, let it take me somewhere in my mind. I also listened to a crap load of Massive Attack. like "Dissolved Girl" and "Angel" those two seemed to do the trick for me.

Iím not saying it will for you, but what I am saying is; try something new.
11 Oct 2008 12:34 | Quote
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Melancholy(ness) is kinda complicated thing in my opinion. If you are feeling melancholy(ness), but not "sadness" is bit complicated because you need to realize what is subject of your melancholy or why you feeling... so forwarding that mood to "art" or an writing is hard if you dont realize what goin on.

But if you dont realize what is the reason you feel melancholical, you should try to enjoy it. I know this sound bit weird or rude, but when doing so, you can emote or forward your mood to an universal writing or "art"

Lets say that if TV show you a some news or story, you can approach it few different point of view. Snub it (What I should care a *sensored this by myself* of that) or sadly (sober through tears that how that happen) or by melancholic approach which is like how one good friend of mind once said "Beauty comes from dark thoughts"

I dont know if this helps a *sensored this bymyself again* you, but anyway... good luck m8.

Hope I can buy your novel from somewhere soon :P

12 Oct 2008 22:56 | Quote
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Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is a great album.

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