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9 Oct 2008 21:03 | Quote
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i was just wondering if any one knew if there was a reason why the third inversion sounds so nice on it's own. I'm assuming the reason why say a major 7th (to keep things simple) 7th inversion sounds so bad is because it is meant to be on top rather then the bottom. i know you can make ** sounding chords good when working out harmonic and melodic progress so I'm meaning when the chords are alone.

i know that this kind of a pointless question cause why would i just play a D#/E major 7 and have that be it but i like to attempted to try to know everything no matter how small.
10 Oct 2008 08:26 | Quote
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It's good that you're trying to learn everything. I'm actually glad to hear that. Well, it depends on what kind of inversion you're trying to play.

Seventh sounds so bad because it's naturally the diminished. Third sounds awesome, which I've found a lot with everything, because it's a third. Thirds seem to sound amazing, along with fifths and sixths. They each sounds amazing in their own way.

A chord's inversion describes the relationship of its bass to the other tones in the chord. Which is exactly why I say it depends on what inversion you're playing.

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