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Help Please soloing ???

Music Theory
25 Sep 2008 10:34 | Quote
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Hey if you were playing the pentatonic blues scale, what do you do. If you were playing the chords C, A,D, C, would you just play the C scale? Also when your playing do you play box to box in the scale or the hole thing. I would really like help thank you.
26 Sep 2008 08:39 | Quote
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If you're a beginner, then think within the box, but in time learn how to solo outside of that "box" that you can "see".

What you should try to do, is compliment the chords which you're soloing over... What I mean by this is when you're playing over A for example, play the notes which are inside the A chord or A blues (but the right position - depending on which key you're in) Same goes for D and C.
26 Sep 2008 09:35 | Quote
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Yeah I take the dumbass approach to it. I stay within the box and then I move chromatically or in runs along one or two strings.

I suggest you learn the pentatonics thoroughly Although thats not hard when basically you take a root 6 chord.

I also suggest you learn your modes. Something I havent done.
26 Sep 2008 11:30 | Quote
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the box is just a training wheel until you can see where ALL the notes are.
26 Sep 2008 23:24 | Quote
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An interval is the distance between two notes. Intervals are always counted from the lower note to the higher one, with the lower note being counted as one. Intervals come in different qualities and size. If the notes are sounded successively, it is a melodic interval. If sounded simultaneously, then it is a harmonic interval.
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26 Sep 2008 23:29 | Quote
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The box. Become friends with it, Jack.
28 Sep 2008 10:19 | Quote
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thank you very much all of you that posted it help me alot
1 Oct 2008 18:28 | Quote
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Try using a major mode over each of those chords. More preferably if you don't want a lot of tension, use Pentatonics(Not REAL SCALES)

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