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Amp Extension

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23 Sep 2008 18:09 | Quote
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I wanted to know if I could plug in a regular 4x12 cabinet to a 100 Watt combo amp and not have it blow up? Could I do the same with a 50 watt combo amp?

BTW what happened to DOZ?
23 Sep 2008 19:27 | Quote
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sure, as long as the overall impendance(ohm load) isn't below the
manufacturer's spec.
23 Sep 2008 19:31 | Quote
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school, a commen disease amoung young peoples. idk, i think he went to collage he said in june, but i think the threads hve been junky is why.

idk about the amp, tht would be sweet if it worked.
23 Sep 2008 19:42 | Quote
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if the combo has a "extension out" jack, then yes.
24 Sep 2008 00:51 | Quote
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Gee havent heard from Doz in a long time!
24 Sep 2008 01:50 | Quote
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Yeah, now Theamericanbrit has taken over as the moody one. Thanks for the amp info.

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