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21 Jul 2009 09:38 | Quote
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Both game related but yeah MGS Awesome always just awesome and haha after replaying the game, my god hahaha MGS Awesome is pretty damn accurate and one of these days their gonna make a Mario game that be like impossible to beat :P hahaha
21 Jul 2009 11:01 | Quote
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5 Jun 2010 16:34 | Quote
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Guys!! Check this out!! I just google maped this location and these two guys obviously knew that the google van would be there that day... because this is hilarious!!

"Rugdeveien 39, Bergen, Norge" and look at the "Street view" and watch these guys chase the google van! :D hahahhaa

5 Jun 2010 17:00 | Quote
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JazzMaverick says:
So I wrote down: I D 1 0 T

Hehe, this is big one for the new soldiers in the unit. We have them get certain things they "need".

ID ten tango form for in-processing
Head lamp fluid
Chem light batteries
Exhaust Samples

We got a new butter bar (2nd lieutenant) before we left. So we went on a field exercise and a piece of our equipment broke. We all knew what the issue was, but we promptly told her that we needed a new Flux Capacitor and we need the commanders approval to get one... Oh boy, the commander didn't like it when his new lieutenant asked him for permission to get a new flux capacitor!
6 Jun 2010 04:24 | Quote
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@ GuitarSlinger,

hahahahaha! DUDE That's hilarious! It's reminding me of Jarhead's fireworks... but at least you didn't get punished that badly! haha :D

@ Michaelcollins,

at first I thought these guys were serious!! D= hahaha deary me!

Did anyone try that google thing out? :D
7 Jun 2010 02:13 | Quote
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yeah i did it, on google earth not maps but same thing.
19 Jun 2010 21:10 | Quote
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Tim and eric. and steve brule.
20 Jun 2010 00:31 | Quote
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i could't resist....hahahaaha
20 Jun 2010 00:48 | Quote
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haha i just looked at those scuba divers. thats funneh
21 Jun 2010 13:24 | Quote
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I just looked at google maps. That's hilarious!
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