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some qustions

14 Sep 2008 08:57 | Quote
Joined: 13 Sep 2008
hiz :)
i think iam very lucky to find this site
i just wanna ask some qustions :
1- do u know any easy songs ??
2- whats power chords??
3-i hate dr.phill
14 Sep 2008 09:17 | Quote
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United Kingdom
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heya. welcome.

easy songs??? depends on the genre really.

for punk music the ramones songs are often quite simple.

for rock some ac/dc songs like highway to hell are relatively simple and will expand your chord knowledge.

a power chord is a chord using only the first and fifth notes of the triad - no third.

simply, a C major chord would have the 1st 3rd and 5th notes - C E G.

a power chord has only the 1st and 5th so - C and G


above is a simple C power chord played on the E string.

who's dr phill lol?
14 Sep 2008 09:31 | Quote
Joined: 13 Sep 2008
ok, thanks xD that solved some problims
14 Sep 2008 10:15 | Quote
Joined: 27 Jun 2008
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is it possible to play AC/DC with a humbucker pickups guitar and a church effect
14 Sep 2008 16:51 | Quote
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Trying to think along your genre... not really my alley. May be able to help better if you supply us with more types of bands that you like. But...

Hurt by Nine Inch Nails is easy (check johnny cash version the guitar is more pronounced)
STP - Creep is also basic and fun.
14 Sep 2008 16:54 | Quote
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Nightmare says:
is it possible to play AC/DC with a humbucker pickups guitar and a church effect

What's a church effect?

Humbuckers would be good though.
14 Sep 2008 17:04 | Quote
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When I saw church effect the first thing I thought of was reverb. Maybe that's it?
14 Sep 2008 17:04 | Quote
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i thot of chorus effect first
15 Sep 2008 10:51 | Quote
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I think it's just the echo inside the church. (reverb, what Crunch said) You can have things like Hall, Stage, Room, Church, and so on.
15 Sep 2008 11:05 | Quote
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yeh i think you are right Jazz, sounds the most logical also has hall and room decay on one of my amps presets which sounds like maybe that.
15 Sep 2008 11:20 | Quote
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Yes "church effect" is come from reverb. Its main factor is predelay in reverb. Like small room have predelay like 1 and church effect is like 11 ms.

Also sound shape in reverb affects a little, when small room have square, church effect usually used as curved. also decay is more bigger in church reverb effect than small room. I dun remember, but i think decay is about 0.70 seconds in small room and 3.0 seconds in church like effect.

15 Sep 2008 13:38 | Quote
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@Nightmare:- Angus Young's 'sound' is quite simple to achieve. He use's SG's which are humbucking guitars anyway, Turns his volume up to about one notch below distortion and plays it clean, no effects at all.
Of cause, that will only get you the sound. If you want to play like him you'll need to master the major and minor pentatonic scale and develop a very wide, slow vibrato reminiscent of the late Paul Kossoff of Free.
Best of luck, I've been trying to 'nail' that vibrato for years!
16 Sep 2008 17:26 | Quote
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'sixties - hmm I think ure right, but I couldn't get his sound I'll try what u said I'm no master og tgurhigbi scales though but I'll try.. Thanks

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