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5 positoins

8 Sep 2008 13:14 | Quote
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i was hoping someone could explain this for me

i watched a bunch of vids on line they refur to 5positoins ime not real sure i quite understand it fully

is it basicly breaking scales down into segments ime to damn old to be so confused
8 Sep 2008 13:59 | Quote
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those would most likely be the 5 box pentatonic posistions.. lol thats not very helpful tho is it?
8 Sep 2008 15:05 | Quote
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5r pentatonic, and 7 maj, matters how many notes are in the scale, penatonic 5 maj 7, not including the 2nd octave
8 Sep 2008 17:13 | Quote
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There's also a chance they're talking about chord shapes. Different barre shapes give you different chords, generally used are CAGED (A and E much more than the others).

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