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Thank's Fluppe, but ...

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24 Jul 2005 01:22 | Quote
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... what U mean to tell me is when I see an H7 or an Hm chord - I need to play the regular A7 or Am?
Couse I have one semple of an H7 and Hm chord, and they soud differently then Am or A7 ...
24 Jul 2005 14:07 | Quote
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I may have been mistaken - look at following url's:
(I typed "H chord" in Google)
stating that H is actually B... I don't know, perhaps now we've solved your problem?
24 Jul 2005 21:59 | Quote
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In some countries (such as finland.. and maybe germany also, I can't remember) H equals B. and when finnish people (and possibly germans) say B, they actually mean Bb. I know, I'm from Finland :P
10 Aug 2005 07:45 | Quote
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Isn't music a universal language??
ie. B=B , A=A etc.
10 Aug 2005 12:06 | Quote
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Actually not: In Norway the B chord is a H chord.
26 Aug 2005 15:40 | Quote
United States
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Fun! I should write music like that to throw people off, :P !
7 Nov 2005 19:04 | Quote
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I think MATH is the universal language hehe.
2 Dec 2005 14:44 | Quote
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ive never herd of a h chord :)
21 Jan 2006 04:14 | Quote
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' I think MATH is the universal language hehe.'

Try doing chinese maths

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