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how much does an electric accoustic cost

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5 Aug 2008 16:55 | Quote
Joined: 06 Jul 2008
I was wondering around how much an electric accoustic costs because the website for the store around here doesn't tell you anything
5 Aug 2008 17:24 | Quote
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You can get a cheap (mostly likely bad) one for $100, but $300 is probably the minimum for a good one. Look into Takamine, Yamaha or Epiphone.
5 Aug 2008 23:43 | Quote
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$300 - $400 for a good one. I suggest the Epiphone EJ-200 CE.
6 Aug 2008 00:23 | Quote
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Here are a few websites that will give you an idea of cost different guitars (not all stores sell all brands): and (or something like that)

But go to that store and actually play it, play as many as you can. Make sure you like the tone and go up and down the fretboard to make sure it feels comfortable. Don't buy before you try!
6 Aug 2008 14:57 | Quote
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i like the entry level Blueridge ($400) very loud and full sound.
i've been trying to convince my mother to buy one. i just might
buy it for her birthday.
8 Aug 2008 06:21 | Quote
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I bought a really nice Yamaha APX-5A electro acoustic for 180 ($360 aprox) from the IMUSO website about a year ago. Plays well and sounds good both plugged and unplugged.
8 Aug 2008 06:30 | Quote
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The sky's pretty much the limit for the most part. You can get a decent low end acoustic with a pickup for $200 or you can set a Gibson for a couple grand.

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