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Please Help Me Find Some Keys

Music Theory
5 Aug 2008 14:31 | Quote
Joined: 05 Aug 2008
United States
No..not my car keys. :) I just started singing in a blues group. During our first practice we found out which keys were better for me, for a couple of the songs. The problem is I don't know which keys the songs were in originally. I'm a good singer, but I never learned to read music.

The songs are Spoonful (this version here):

Got My Mojo Working (this version:)

Built For Comfort (this version:)

and Smokestack Lightnin (this version:)

I know I could email the members of the band, but...I'm trying not to look as newbish as I truly am. Thanks in advance for your help, folks.

5 Aug 2008 15:00 | Quote
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well, You seem to up for good music :P.

I think spoonful is an key of E

Mojo working = A

Built for comfort is hard for my ears :) Its sounds like G but dun sure

smokestack is a bit tricky, but I think its E

Im not very good at figuring out keys, but others may correct if im wrong.

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