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4 Aug 2008 07:11 | Quote
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Alright, I'm thinking of making the big purchase. I want to upgrade my gear, but I'm trying to find the right way to go. You guys are pretty helpful around here, so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

Correct me if I'm wrong on certain points.

As far as I understand, a Guitar Amplifier Head is basically a Preamp, running through a power amp, and then into a cabinet. With a few effects thrown in.

I guess this is where I get confused. I've been looking at BadCat and Voodoo preamps. I know you can make a rack mount system if you have all the components, and plug it into your cab, instead of worrying about a head. I like the idea of the rackmount as it gives you more adaptability to change the specs of your set up. However, I'm not sure what those individual components are. Can anyone give me some advice?

Also, BadCat has a "2 tone pedal preamp" but im not sure that's what im looking for. Would if function the same as a rackmount preamp? Should I just go with a head and keep it simple?
4 Aug 2008 08:18 | Quote
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Yeah you are on the right track. A head has a build in power amp along with the preamp, you then need a cab.

the nice thing about having a preamp and power amp separate is it will give you some flexibility as far as upgrades. if you need more power you upgrade or replace the power amp.

I'm not sure about the preamp your talking about and tried to run a search on guitar center and did not find much. in fact not much for preamps. I think this type of setup has gone by the wayside in favor of some decent modeling amps

My old setup was one of these

plugged into a power amp or PA it woked well.

On the flip side of things the nice thing about heads and combos is you just plug and play. you don't have the be gear head to get things to work right. any more i'm a combo guy

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